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Our Mission

We believe everything in life begins with a connection that’s why Soleil Australia are connecting customers to exclusive, life changing products that 

are a true investment for the whole family.


Our emphasis is on providing great customer service, fit for a royal.

We are a place where the everyday Australia’s voice can make a difference and while providing solutions. 

We live our mission and philosophies through our business brand.

Our aim is to build strong foundations right from the start whether it’s creating a product, establishing partnerships with reputable and trustworthy global supplier, building credibility and trust with our current and future consumers, building a transparent reputation by doing what we say we will do or building a healthy genetic code for a trustworthy customer relationship.

To make sure we are keeping this promise our company we go to great lengths to find quality, reliable manufacturers, suppliers and craftsman from Australia and around the globe so we can always provide our loyal customers with great lovable products every time.

Our products are tested and have a probationary period of expectation to see if every product meets Soleil Australia’s expectation quality standards.

Rest assure when buying an investment solution rather than just a product, every one of our customers are valued, respected and supported, Through their whole shopping process.

Our business is all about trust and honesty to all our customers, employees, suppliers, manufactures and the community we serve in.


Our Vision at Soleil Australia is

1.To become an organisation with a vital living set of beliefs, with an reputable reputation for great customer service and credibility. 

Our future vision is to encourage & inspire the children of today so they can become more inventive, by inspiring them to unlock their true creative potential and which their imaginations have a place in this world . Creating a resourceful generation. 



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